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Donate today to help urban trees

We Need Trees. And Trees Need Us.

$5,501 raised

$10,000 goal

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We are fundraising to grow great communities by growing urban trees.

Addressing climate change can seem monumental, like carrying the world's weight on your shoulders. The best place to start is with our own little worlds.

Our programs are based on this philosophy. We work hard at the state level to bring the benefits of urban trees to local communities. We help towns, cities, and community groups to improve the world around them. The world they live in and see every day. This year we helped 38 communities do a little to help a lot. Adding over 2,500 new trees to our urban forests. All these little efforts really add up!

Help us grow trees in the places that need them the most. You can start by making a small donation today!

We can hit our goal by banding together and pitching in just a few dollars each to help conserve and grow our urban forests and great communities. So please help us to branch out today by sharing your campaign with friends, family, and co-workers! Help us connect with more tree lovers across the state.